Thursday, May 29, 2008

Safari roughing it!


Today we had another amazing safari day. I think that the Ngorongoro
Crater has been my favorite experience so far, but the Serengeti is
not far behind. It is overwhelming to be surrounded by God's amazing
creation. I don't think I'm ever going to want to visit a zoo again!
Today we saw a variety of animals--lions, wildebeasts, warthogs,
gazelles, hippos, elephants, baboons---incredible! The highlight of
the day for most of us was riding around in our Land Cruisers spotting
several lions. They were mostly lionesses, but we saw a couple males
and some cubs as well. The cubs wrestling in the grass reminded us of
Simba and Nala wrestling in the Lion King. We also discovered that
zebras are a dime a dozen in the Serengeti. Another highlight of the
day was witnessing a herd of about 15 elephants crossing the road
directly in front of our vehicle. They were no more than 20 feet away
from us! There were a few babies trailing behind their mothers in the
During our safari we stopped at a welcome center for lunch. At the
welcome center was a trail with several exhibits with information
about the animals and plants seen in the park. It's really incredible
how all the animals and plants work together for the greater good of
the ecosystem--even the dung beetles. This is no accident. Someone
had a pretty magnificent plan.
After a full day of safari-ing, we went back to our 5-star lodge,
watched an amazing sunset, and ate an exquisite four-course meal.
--Talk about "roughing" it in Africa!

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